Critical South aims to provide a platform for theoretically-informed commentary and debate on politics and society, with particular focus on and from the Global South.

It aspires to unite academics, students, activists, journalists, and others around goals that include:

  • enriching public discourse on key social and political issues through the application, critique, and development of theory
  • centring perspectives on and from the Global South
  • offering accessible routes into cutting-edge scholarly research and debates
  • exploring and strengthening links between academic and non-academic critical practice
  • exemplifying how the Global South can shed new light on a range of local and global social and political imperatives.

In addition to traditional comment and analysis pieces, we look to publish critical responses and dialogues, interviews, and podcasts, along with more innovative contributions where these maintain contact with the blog’s key aims and objectives.

If you would like to discuss making a contribution to Critical South or have any other questions about our scope and aims, please contact us either by following the appropriate tab above or emailing us directly at: criticalsouthblog@gmail.com.

Critical South is affiliated with the NRF British Academy Chair in Political Theory, based at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. More information on the Chair and the blog community can be found through the ‘Links’ and ‘Contributors’ sections.