Podcast: Mugabe’s murky legacy

Lawrence Hamilton is the SA UK Bilateral Chair in Political Theory, based at the Universities of theWitwatersrand and Cambridge. He contributes to rethink political theory from and for the Global South. His works include Amartya Sen (2019), Freedom is Power (2014) and The Political Philosophy of Needs (2003).

In this month’s podcast Professor Lawrence Hamilton interviews Professor David Moore on his new book Mugabe’s Legacy: Coups, Conspiracies and the Conceits of Power in Zimbabwe.

Moore talks about modes of production in Africa, corruption, violence and rent-seeking and gives us his views on exceptionalism in Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Robert Mugabe is known as the anchor of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and problem child in its post-colonial politics. 

But what is the real legacy of his long 37 year rule of Zimbabwe?

Sit back and enjoy!